July 2022 Goals & Progress

Hands holding goals letters with withe background

The beginning of July was full of activity and at the end of July, things seemed to come to a screeching halt. I kept my goals on the lighter side knowing that the end of the month would be very different than the beginning.

I had surgery on the 18th and that shifted things dramatically for the rest of the month. It took some time for me to mentally adjust to the vast change in my capacities. Now as I write this in the beginning of August, I have settled in and am embracing the much slower pace that has ensued.

Here’s how my July goals went:


Monthly Goals:

Surgery prep – I did it!

Surgery recovery – I made lots of progress.

2 family nights – We did it!

New website building – I made progress. This was a hard one for me to get motivated and take action on this month.

Ella driving lessons – We had some plans, but they didn’t happen. I have 2 planned for August, fingers crossed! 😊


Weekly Goals:

Sabbath – Completed 4/5 weeks.

Powersheets – Completed 5/5 weeks.

Spiritual study – Completed 2/5 weeks. This one started to feel less authentic and I sensed God shifting my desire and attention, so I’m letting this one go.

Read “It’s Up to You” with Mya and Cal – Didn’t make any progress on this in July. We have started in August already – yay!


Daily Goals:

Financial affirmations & envisioning – Completed 20/31 days.

Fun – Truly experienced some type of fun/joy 22/31 days.

Rest – Completed 28/31 days.

Untamed journal – Completed 22/31 days.

Meditation – Completed 22/31 days.

Evening routine – Completed 13/31 days. Summer fun and spending time with my family took priority over this one quite a bit this month. I did start sleeping in later a lot, which provided some balancing out. Some days I even slept like I did as a teenager and I was the last one up!

Comment below with a goal you are working on!