You’re not alone!

I’m Shannon Stedman,

A Certified Mastery Level Transformational Health and Life Coach. I work with women to overcome guilt and move themselves up on their priority lists so they can live with greater peace, joy and confidence.

This way EVERYONE in your life wins, including you!


Holes to Whole Coaching was born out of my own struggle coupled with a passion
to empower other women. I know where you are and how to guide you to where you want to be!

I have been where you are and there is a way out. I have a partner, 3 teens, and a cat. I lived on guilt for most of my life. I fell prey to the belief that prioritizing myself was selfish. This led to immense guilt. I threw myself off of my priority list and put everyone and everything before myself. I was constantly busy and burned out. My identity was completely wrapped up in my people and what I did. I didn’t know who I was It was a disaster. I now live a very different life. I am now at the top of my priority list and getting to know myself more intimately. I invest in myself daily. My life and my people are all better for it.

My Permission to Prioritize Coaching Programs guides women
to overcome guilt and prioritize themselves in the ways that
they most need at any given time. My clients experience greater
peace, joy, and confidence in their lives which serves as a
springboard to freedom and aliveness. In working together, my
clients gain awareness and clarity while breaking the chains
that have kept them stuck.

What Clients Are Saying?


peace, joy and confidence


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Common Questions & Concerns

The present is ALWAYS the best time to start taking steps toward what you want and the life you were created for!

  • Life will always be full, there will never be a “perfect” time to prioritize yourself, your brain will always come up with an obstacle, keeping you stuck right where you are.
  • Most people who put off coaching for a “better” time continue in the same patterns and fail to achieve their goals in having the life that they dream of!

Are you ready to make yourself a priority and start working toward creating the life you deserve now?


I completely understand, this is huge. It is difficult to make decisions about how we spend our money.

Do your current spending choices reflect your values and what matters most to you?

  • On average, women spend between $150-$400 per month on clothing.
  • The average American spends around $92 on take-out coffee each month.
  • American women spend an average of $115 for makeup and beauty treatments per month.
  • The average household spends almost $300 per month eating out.

We ultimately spend our money on what matters most. 

  • I offer a variety of programs including group sessions and various one-on-one packages so you can find what works best for you.
  • I offer a variety of program packages .
  • Generally, my clients earn or save more money through their transformation in my programs. They also gain greater peace, joy, energy and confidence, which are priceless.

You are worth the financial investment!

Small hinges swing big doors!

We work together to create an action plan of attainable steps that feel impactful and manageable to you.

  • Your transformation begins as soon as you invest in yourself by committing to coaching, you will feel it!
  • I design a specific and individualized program uniquely tailored for each of my one-on-one clients.
  • My programs range in intensity and length based on your specific needs and goals.

Investing in my coaching program will give you more time, energy and space in your life. Sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s true!

  • My coaching programs combine systems, support and accountability that works.
  • Our work together will be steady and sustainable for true and lasting change to occur.
  • We will be working on change work at the source rather than simply focusing on surface issues.

No more wandering around, not knowing where to go next.


I respect this. Having a plan or desire and sharing it with your partner and asking for their support is very different than asking for permission. You don’t need to ask anyone for permission to nurture and care for yourself.

  • Having the support of our loved ones is something most people want. One of the first steps in moving yourself up on your priority list is making the best decisions for you.
  • Sometimes we short change ourselves when we are not seeing eye to eye with our people in order to minimize conflict. Ultimately, everyone in our lives “lose” when we do this.

If you know that something is best for you and you are committed to yourself, that is the most powerful support you can have.

  • I create a safe, sacred and ultra-supportive coaching space for my clients. If you need additional support, we will strategize and put steps in place to get you the support that you need.
  • I offer support to my clients in between coaching sessions via email and text.
  • As your loved ones see the amazing transformation that you are undergoing, they may jump on board (if they aren’t already). 😊
  • Support and encouragement from loved ones is wonderful, yet not necessary for success in this program.

How coaching benefits your loved ones:

  • You will be focusing on yourself as well as your loved ones.
  • As my clients progress in their programs, they find that they are better able to be present for, engage with and show up for their people.
  • Prioritizing ourselves is the most considerate and loving thing you can do for your loved ones because they receive the best of you!
  • My clients enjoy healthier relationships with their family, friends, coworkers, etc. as a result of their coaching journeys.

My programs will provide you with the tools and resources you need to live your most authentic life with greater peace, confidence, joy, and integrity. It is infectious and everyone wins!

You are not alone! This is a very common feeling.

  • Most of my clients begin their programs feeling this way. Our feelings are real; however, they are not always reflective of the facts.

The definition of selfish is being concerned with one’s self without consideration or regard for others.

When you move yourself up on your priority list you are making an investment in everyone who comes in contact with you, particularly the individuals closest to you! This is an extremely unselfish thing to do.


Most people are well versed in Nike’s catchy slogan, “Just do it”. Our culture often sends us the message that we “should” be able to do things on our own.

  • Many people set goals only to abandon them for many reasons, none of which include not having enough knowledge.
  • How has this mentality failed you in the past?

My systems combine taking action on attainable goals in conjunction with support and accountability (all of which are included in my programs 😊).

  • Individuals have a 95% success rate compared to an 8 – 30% success rate for those who go it alone.
  • Attempting transformation on our own generally results in unrealistic expectations, biting off more than you can chew, discouragement and ultimately quitting.

What are you waiting for, let’s do this thing together!


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