About Me

I’m Shannon Stedman, a Certified Mastery Level Transformational Health and Life Coach. I work with women to overcome guilt and move themselves up on their priority lists so they can live with greater peace, joy and confidence.

This way EVERYONE in your life wins, including you!

Holes to Whole Coaching was born out of my own struggle coupled with a passion to empower other women. My mission is to guide women to health, healing and wholeness so they can live the lives they were created for.

I have been where you are and there is a way out. I have a husband, 5 kids and a cat. I lived on guilt for most of my life. I fell prey to the belief that prioritizing myself was selfish. This led to immense guilt, which resulted in me throwing myself off of my priority list and putting everyone and everything before myself. I was constantly busy and burned out. My identity was completely wrapped up in my people and what I did. I didn’t know who I was. It was a disaster for everyone.

I now live a very different life. I am at the top of my priority list and getting to know myself more intimately all the time. I invest in myself daily. My life and my people are all better for it

Education & Certifications

B.A. in Psychology
M.S. in Exercise Science &
Health Promotiony
Transformational Coaching Method,
Mastery Level
Certified Health & Life Coach

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