Bedtime Lessons

My kids have been some of the greatest teachers I have had in my life. They have taught me more lessons than I can count. It’s amazing what comes out at bedtime.

Last night’s bedtime lessons with Mya gave me inspiration and a constantly needed reminder. Here is how the conversation went:

Mya: I really want one of those beds that I can control with a remote.

Me: You can have one of those when you move out and are buying your own furniture.

Mya: (Laughing & totally out of the blue) When I get married, I don’t want my husband to sleep in bed with me. I need to feel like I have a lot of space. We can have separate bedrooms, separate beds or he can sleep on the floor.

Me: (Laughing now) I don’t think your husband will want to sleep on the floor.

Mya: OK, he can have a mattress that he keeps somewhere out of the way and he can bring it out at night to sleep on. But in the morning, he needs to clean it up and fold all of his sheets and blankets and neatly put them on the bed so they look nice.

I laughed because this girl is SO funny. I also smiled to myself because I love how she is so emphatic about what she wants. I LOVE THAT!

Please stay this way my precious girl! Don’t let others and society tell you that you need to be quiet, small and go along with what others want.

Please don’t believe the messages that tell you not to be strong in your desires and needs. Run from the lies that scream “greedy, selfish, aggressive, high-maintenance, too much”.

Where did we ever get the message that “being nice” was the goal?

What about truth, self-love, authenticity and honoring ourselves?

We don’t need the permission and approval of others (no matter who they are). What we really need and long for is our own permission.

Permission to live bravely, beautifully, without apology and true to ourselves.

Give it to yourself, girl. Stick with yourself. Stick with God.

Thank you Mya for the bedtime lessons.