My Spending Experiment August 2022

I’m doing it………

I recently finished reading Cait Flanders’ “The Year of Less”. This book recounts Cait’s year-long “shopping ban” month by month.

I loved this book because decluttering, minimizing, simplifying and organizing makes me very happy. 😊 I think I have always been a bit of a minimalist, even as a little girl.

I have noticed a pattern in myself. In the spring/summertime, I generally have a desire to get rid of things and reduce spending. Last year I participated in a decluttering challenge and got rid of over 300 items from our home!

While listening to this book (I am a HUGE Audible fan), I started to feel that familiar desire to get rid of things and spend less. Both of these always make my spirit feel lighter. Also, we are saving for a special family trip and I am very motivated to make that happen as soon as we can.

So, I’ve decided to do a spending experiment of my own. I have thought about this many times before, but always found a reason not to. I am generally pretty mindful about my spending already; however, I really want to bring it to another level along with keeping better track of our bank balance.

I am going to do this experiment from now until the end of 2022 and then evaluate. After completing my list of what I will spend money on and what I won’t, I felt lighter and relieved somehow.

Below is my list of things that I will and will not purchase during this time, along with a few questions I want to get in the habit of asking myself before pulling out cash or a credit card.

Things I will purchase Things I will not purchase
– Consumables – groceries, cleaning products, toiletries, personal care items, gasoline, vitamins & supplements
– Health care practices – colonics, chiropractor, massage
-1 haircut
– 2 bras
– Frames for family & Mother’s Day photos
– Eating out – prioritize & limit
– 12-Step donations
– Gifts for others
– Meaningful experiences
– Books – except on Audible – already paid for membership
– Clothes – except the 2 bras
– Footwear
– Home décor
– Accessories
– Clothes/shoes for the kids unless they really need them

I also want to get in the habit of asking myself the following questions before committing to a purchase:

  • Do I/we really need this?
  • Will this truly spark joy?
  • Why do I want to purchase this?
  • Will this still mean something/be important in 6 months?

I know there will be things that pop up outside of my lists above. It’s impossible to think of everything and any situation that may arise. However, I plan to filter whatever comes up through these questions and if it is something that meets the purchase criteria, I will first see if I can borrow the item or buy it second hand and check out coupon codes and deals for items and experiences.

Another part of this experiment will be decluttering and organizing. My goal is to spend one hour each week decluttering and organizing different areas of my home. I will be tracking this in my Powersheets Goal Planner.

I’m excited to see where this experiment takes my family and I.


What is an experiment that you have tried or have thought about trying in your life?



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  3. Decluttering brings me so much joy, freedom and lightness. Spring and summer are my biggest nesting and higher energy times for decluttering. I also usually pair down our Christmas decor every year as we are unpacking at putting it out each year.

  4. I LOVE decluttering!! After i complete a room or part of one, i keep going in and looking at it. It really gives me joy.

    My best decluttering time is after the holidays. It’s cold and dark, so what else is there to do?

    Thanks for this reminder of how lots of stuff can be a burden.
    Love you lots .. 💕💕

  5. Thank you for sharing!! I love what you said about living life and exploring instead of being weighed down with extra stuff. The more stuff I have, the more stuff I have to take care. Having teenagers who want a lot of stuff is teaching me more about what I value, how I want to live and what I want to do with the resources we have. Sending love right back!! 💜

  6. Hi Shannon! I am right there with you about de-cluttering and organizing. I am learning the value again by having a toddler in my care a few days a week. I really liked the thought process too about buying second hand. When we were growing up, our family didn’t like to borrow items except from the library. I can see both sides of that issue today. I feel like I am living life and exploring my limits instead of being weighed down with extra stuff. I do like art and decorations in small doses. Thank you for sharing a wonderful article that I am sure will speak to many.
    Sending much love ❤️

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