Why Holes to Whole?

Are you curious about the blog title?

Why “Holes to Whole”? What does that mean?

Join me over at Podbean to listen to my inaugural podcast titled “Why Holes to Whole?” Listen to some of the back story about how the site was birthed and how it got its name.

Like to read the inside flap of the book? Here is a little bit more from the podcast description.

“This episode explains why I chose the name Holes to Whole. God has to reveal the holes in my life in order to bring wholeness. Each time I am made aware of a hole (broken area) in my life, it is an opportunity to heal and grow. It is through these holes that I have had the honor and privilege of connecting with and encouraging others. Through my weakness, I am given strength (2 Cor 12:9) and through the comfort I have received, I can comfort others (2 Cor 1:4). ”

What are you waiting for? Click the link and listen!  🙂

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