White Walls

Six years ago today I walked through the hospital doors. I sat in a very small room no windows, stark white walls. There was nothing more than a desk and three chairs in there.

I said goodbye to my mom and went up to the second floor. Several of my belongings were confiscated. Now I sat alone in a new room with stark white walls. This would be my home for awhile.

I spent two weeks there. I felt dead inside. It wasn’t until close to the end of my time there that I felt a flicker of life inside of me.

A lot has happened and changed in my life since that time. What is still the same is feeling a little alive and a little dead inside. Today it’s more dead.

Now I hear the soft, gentle whisper reminding me that death comes before new life. I feel a little flicker of life inside me. It’s hope.

These photos were taken almost two weeks after I left the hospital in 2014.