Lunch Box Notes

I used to write my kids lunch box notes all the time. That was when I was making all of their lunches. For some reason, lunch making has always been a chore that I didn’t like. I trained my kids to make their own lunches as soon as possible.

Ella was experimenting in kindergarten and certainly had some interesting lunches. Mya has now taken it upon herself to make her own lunch too. No complaints here!

So that brings me down to only one lunch on my list – Cal. We have a pretty good groove and it has become a science of sorts. That I can handle, especially that I have the time to make it in the morning rather than the evening. I didn’t want any part of that.

In the younger years when the kids weren’t quite the “foodies” they are now, I could often convince them to buy lunch at school therefore erasing the dreaded task right off my list. Glorious!

But, darn they get older, wiser and more opinionated and apparently buying lunch from school is not acceptable. So lunch boxes, ice packs, baby carrots and applesauce packets fly around my kitchen each morning.

Tonight Cal told me that he wanted to add some “pzazz” to his lunch today and remembered that he had a dollar in his bookbag. I am not the cool mom that gives snack/treat money. So that boy went and got that dollar and walked right up to the line and got him some Doritos. He was so proud of himself and his intelligent description of the event. He assured me that he ate everything else in his lunch first. Hmm…….. Not 100% on that one.

So back in my heavy days of lunch making, I would often do the Martha Stewart mom thing and write my kids lunch box notes. Well honestly, that ended quick as my brain was fried at the end of the day. Last year I did find some daily jokes on the Internet and cut them out and put them in Mya and Cal’s lunches, they got a kick out of them.

Fast forward to this year. Only making one lunch and no lunch box notes have been written. I didn’t think I would say it but, I sometimes actually miss making all those lunches and adding the cute notes.

So at 3:40 am while wide awake and looking to pass the time and hopefully get tired, I decided to write some lunch box notes. So here they are…….


Cal (MY boy)

I just want you to know

That you rock, all around the clock.

Sometimes you don’t want to sleep, but then I don’t hear a peep.

You are a stupendous boy who fills my heart with JOY!

Love, Mom


Mya (my favorite child),

You’re a rock start. Your enthusiasm for things really encourages me. Stand tall today and remember who you are – A Child of God who loves her (you) very much and a family that will bring down the heat on anyone who messes with you. Be strong!

Love, Mom


Ella (my BEST gift ever),

I’m so happy and proud of the young lady you are choosing to be. Your smile and personality brightens everyone around you. You shine. Make sure you shine for the right things, the good things – solid friendships, respect, being your own person and helping those in need. Be the “weird” kid if you have to in order to reach out a hand to someone who needs it. You are strong enough to do that now. Be a Love Warrior.

Love, Mom


Even though my kids often roll their eyes at my sense of humor or don’t seem like they don’t listen to or care about the words I speak to their heart, I know they hear me and their heart is warmed. I recently heard a great addition to an old saying,

“Children are like sponges, they can’t help but absorb what is around them.”

So every now and then, I write those notes (both silly and sweet) and leave them for my kiddos to see because they can’t help but absorb them!

Fun lunch box notes