A Day in the Life of…..

Reinforce the importance of planning a structure in your home.

I am a structured girl and love creating routines. I also love knowing what a day in the life of others looks like. Because there are so many of us, it’s impossible to adhere to a strict schedule. However, in order for anything to get done and for some organization to exist, we must have a loose structure for our home and family. So several weeks ago when it was announced that school would be shut down for COVID-19, I knew a daily framework was essential in order to have a chance of attaining any sanity and serenity during this time.

So lately a typical weekday has been looking like this for us and it’s been working pretty well. A day in the life of the Stedman/Steinwandel’s.

A day in the life of our family during the COVID-19 quarantine.

7:00: I wake up, have some quiet time, do some self care, listen to recovery meeting

8:00: Earliest the kids can get up – free time for them

8:45: Kids morning routines – breakfast, brush teeth, daily devotions

9:30: Family Morning Talk Time – gather at the table, study and talk about different character qualities, journaling, gratitude, watch a faith based video, read family meditation, talk about feelings, or other things that come up.

10:00: Kids start their school work. The girls generally work straight through to get all their stuff done. Cal needs more frequent breaks so he tends to work for an hour, then go outside and play and then finish his work when he comes in for lunch.

11:00: Sometimes I sneak away for some quiet time, a phone call, reading or a recovery meeting

12:30 – 2:00: Lunch – prep, eat, clean up & some chores

2:00: This is my writing time. Kids are usually all on free time by now. Sometimes there are a few finishing up some school.

2:30/3:00: Exercise & Project time. Sometimes I do this on my own, but most days we do this as a family.

4:30/5:00: Dinner prep

5:30/6:00: Dinner & clean-up – without having activities to scurry off to our dinners having been lasting so much longer with some lively discussions, laughing and many Tik Tok dances. The usual daily attempts to escape this “torturous” evening ritual are lessening. You moms out there know what a tremendous victory this feels like!

After dinner has been free time, games, movies, TV, projects, reading, family FaceTime sessions, family activities, walks, baking and just hanging around.

8:30 – 10:00: Kids into bed somewhere in here.

10:00: My bedtime

So what about you? What’s a day in the life of your family?