It’s OK

To be completely honest with you, for the longest time, I thought affirmations were hokey and ineffective. I was dead set on keeping my rigid, condemning judgements and hammering myself every chance I got, thank you very much!

Several years ago, my thinking started to change, mostly out of desperation. And wouldn’t you know, in opening my mind and heart to something new, I started to experience so many of the things that I had been craving for a long time. Funny how things work out like that 🙂

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I have affirmations hung all over my house. I need to keep them in sight so I remember them and so that they are in my face all the time. I also write affirmations in my journaling almost daily. I write them as I am expressions my thoughts and feelings and especially when I am writing letters to myself. The practice of writing letters to myself was a hard one for me to jump onto, but once I started, I haven’t ever stopped. I think these are some of the most powerful affirmative and validating experiences that I have ever had.

I used to think that I wanted and needed more validation from people around me. But I was wrong! What I really wanted and needed was true, authentic and genuine recognition from myself. This has changed the trajectory of my life.

What Do I Say?

I have used all types of affirmations in different seasons of life. I especially like those beginning with “It’s OK” because they speak very kindly and gently to me and carry with them a sense of permission to believe and act on, which I often need.

Here is a list I came across the other day that has been really powerful in my life:

It’s OK to say “no”.

It’s OK to be myself.

It’s OK to be honest.

It’s OK to treat myself kindly.

It’s OK to have fun.

It’s OK to love myself.

It’s OK to do nice things for myself.

It’s OK to love myself for exactly who I am and to allow myself to be exactly who I am.

It’s OK to be flexible and spontaneous.

It’s OK to be assertive.

It’s OK if someone isn’t happy with me and my choices.

It’s OK to be structured and organized.

It’s OK to be at peace and enjoy the good in my life without fear.

It’s OK to follow God completely despite disapproval from others.

It’s OK to have free time.

It’s OK to ask for help.

It’s OK to say “I don’t know”.

It’s OK to admit my struggles.

It’s OK to be different, to not “fit in”.

It’s OK to dream and have hope.

Which ones really speak to you?

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