August 2022 Goals & Progress

Most of August was pretty slow for me. I was continuing to recover from surgery and the three youngest kids were gone for 10 days straight. During July, I wrestled with the slower pace and my decreased capacity and by August I had settled in and was embracing it all. Honestly, that felt a little weird as I tend to fight against “imposed slowdowns” that I hadn’t directly chosen. I generally feel controlled and stifled, so to be accepting and even enjoying all of this was a new experience for me.

I learned a lot about myself, my body and my priorities. I had this innate sense that I was being prepared for something; our bodies always know the truth. The first week of September I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Although this diagnosis was not a shock and honestly, I had a deep down feeling it was a long time coming, it has and will continue to be a new journey in the way I live. I’m sure I will write more about this in the future. 😊

Because I knew that I would still be in the early phases of surgery recovery, I minimized and simplified my August goals as much as possible.

My encouraging words for the month were, keep it simple and enjoy the present.

My overarching priorities were to accept and respect myself through nurturing and nourishing.

Time for the moment of truth, hahahaha………


Monthly Goals:

  • One-on-one dates with Ella, Mya & Cal – I did dates with Ella and Cal and had one planned with Mya. However, some things came up for her toward the end of the month and we decided to reschedule our date to create more margin for her. So, we are doing it in September.
  • Surgery & Adrenal recovery, focus on overall health – Made wonderful progress
  • Finish the book “Essentialism” – I have about 10 pages left to go
  • Prep for the beginning of the school year (supplies, scheduling/logistics, orientation, kids comfortable with their buildings and class schedules, moving bed and wake-up times, mindsets & perspectives – mine and the kids’) – Made really good progress all throughout the month to reduce cramming and stress, moving bed and wake-up times so-so
  • Business Building – I made small steady steps – tortoise mode, not my favorite but I accepted it and let it be
  • Ella two driving lessons – Complete


Weekly Goals:

  • Read “It’s Up to You” with Mya and Cal – Completed 3/5 weeks
  • 1 hour of decluttering/organizing – I added this one week in and completed it ¾ weeks that it was on my list


Daily Goals:

  • Untamed Journal – Completed 16/31 days
  • Meditation – Completed 21/31 days
  • Spend meaningful time with Dan – 29/31 days
  • Evening Routine – Completed 9/31 days – I got into the habit of going to bed later and waking up later, I allowed myself to just go with it for the month


Comment below……

What are you proud of accomplishing this summer?

What is something you would like to accomplish this fall?