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Holes to Whole

Happy UNMother’s Day

Nine years ago, I did something very radical. It was actually quite unheard of in my mind. I spent Mother’s Day without my kids! ** If you


Toe and Fingernail Grief

A few months ago, it seemed like all of a sudden, my kids didn’t want me to cut their nails anymore. I know this may


Animal in a Cage

In February, I spent a week alone. A week alone to complete an intensive healing retreat with a health and spiritual practitioner in Arizona (thank


A Top Mistake Many Parents Make

Yesterday I had a discussion with my kids in the car. It’s amazing the ground we cover (yes, pun intended) while driving. It was a


Bedtime Lessons

My kids have been some of the greatest teachers I have had in my life. They have taught me more lessons than I can count.