Your Gonna Go Far – Ella Graduated

Ella, my oldest daughter graduated from high school at the end of January. She will walk the stage with her classmates in June. However, I wanted to celebrate her accomplishment sooner rather than later, so we had a family dinner. The letter below is what I wrote and read to her as somewhat of a toast at the dinner.


The theme is inspired by her “college song” by Noah Kahan, “Your Gonna Go Far“.


January 2024


Dear Ella,


You have officially finished high school! This is an amazing accomplishment and a major feat! A lot has happened from starting 9th grade fully remote during the pandemic to now. You have experienced a lot of life in the past 4 years! I really want to celebrate this milestone. It marks the end of a large chapter in your life and begins a new one. One of adventure, growing, new scenery and weather 🙂  (Ella plans to go to school down south because she “just can’t with the weather anymore”.) 


For a while now, we have known that you desire to go far, far from NY where the weather is much better and where you can have a whole new set of experiences, some that you could not have if you were closer to home. Yes, you will be going far geographically AND you will go far in your life. There is so much depth inside of you and you know how to access and live it out. You and God are the experts on your life. You have always been very in-tune with your true self and intuition, and I can’t wait to see how far you will go. 


A lot of people define “going far” as becoming very financially wealthy, having “an important title” – basically things that can be observed from the outside. There is nothing wrong with any of this! What I hope for you the most is to go far within yourself and with the people and things that you hold most dear. I pray that you go far in health and love, joy and peace. I pray that you go far with your innermost promptings nudging you to connection with God, your true self and others. I pray that you go far in your purpose and passions. 


You have been one of my greatest teachers and greatest blessings. Being your mom has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. You bring so much to those around you and to the world. I can’t wait to see all the humans and edges of the earth that have the privilege of encountering you. 


I love you from the depths of my heart. I am so proud, inspired and excited to watch you spread your wings and fly. Whenever you want or need to touch down in a familiar, safe space I am someone you can ALWAYS come back to for encouragement, love and refreshing before your next soar. 


Your gonna go far!


All my love,



** Currently that brave, spunky girl is living her best life in NYC for the next month. **