Puzzle Pieces

Recently my husband asked me a very simple yet deep question.

“How are you doing spiritually?”

This question really intrigued me. I wanted to really do some soul searching and get to the truth of this question. I didn’t want to give a surface answer. I really wanted to get with God and search my heart to find the honest to goodness truth to this courageous and insightful question.

I did some journaling on Dan’s question and then while I was reading him my answer, some additional insights and an amazing word picture came to me.

I decided to do something different. Instead of writing all of this in a post to share. I did a voice recording to share more like a podcast.

Click on the link to hear my answer to where I am spiritually.

I would love to hear about your spiritual life! There is no judgment or condemnation, right or wrong here, just loving acceptance and support of all!