May Snapshot: Powersheets Goals & Progress

I’m a Health and Life Coach. I LOVE goals, proactivity, strategy, clarity and accountability AND tools that help with all of this. It makes me very happy!

I use the Powersheets goal planner as my primary method of planning annual, monthly, weekly and daily goals. This has drastically changed the way I plan and implement goals. Powersheets has also increased my progress on goals exponentially.

There are so many sources that share how important it is to write things down in all aspects of our lives. Writing our goals, dreams and visions down increases the likelihood of completing them significantly. Writing things down is a form of accountability.

The American Society of Training and Development found that individuals who commit their goal(s) to someone else have a 65% of completing your intention(s). The success rate goes up to 95% when there is a specific accountability appointment with the person that the individual committed their goal(s) to.

To be completely honest, when I first found Powersheets, I was intimidated and overwhelmed. I wanted to use them and struggled with where to start and following through. I then discovered and started implementing various tools and supports in conjunction with Powersheets and now I love them!

Letting go of perfectionism and extremism has been a huge key to peace and success around my goals and the planning of them.

Each month I complete a “tending list” that includes the monthly, weekly and daily goals that I want to focus on. These coincide with the annual goals that I set at the beginning of the year and tweak as necessary and appropriate.

May started off slowly as I didn’t fully complete my full tending list before the month began, so progress on some of my daily goals didn’t start until about 5-6 days into the month. I also took a trip at the end of the month and decided not to bring my tending list with me and didn’t mark off my progress on daily goals for about the last week of the month. May was also a very full month and some things needed to be rearranged and added, so I didn’t make the progress on my monthly goals that I originally wanted.

I still made progress and that’s what I’m focusing on. My goals are meant to serve me, not the other way around 😉

So here is how May went:

Monthly Goals:

  • Prep for NC trip – completed (it had to get done one way or the other because we were going)
  • Complete June schedule and Powersheets – I completed about ¾ of this. As I said above, I didn’t fully complete my June tending list prior to the beginning of the month.
  • Take Cal to the movies – completed (we saw The Bad Guys movie, it was ok, but it was more about the QT with my boy, we had a good time)
  • Revise boundaries and affirmations sheet – didn’t happen
  • Prep for surgery in July – I made some positive headway on this
  • Go hiking four times – I went twice
  • Family candy shop outing – nope
  • Do two driving lessons with Ella – we did one
  • Remove email app from phone and keep it off for the month – completed (it was really great for me to not have email on my phone and I am keeping it off)
  • Clean windows and get window treatments – I measured for and ordered the window treatments and they actually just arrived yesterday. I did not clean any windows.


Weekly Goals:

  • Phone off or only for essentials from Saturday evening through Monday morning – completed fully 3 weeks out of the month, the other week was like a half completion
  • Take time to work on Powersheets – completed 3/4 weeks
  • Intentional “talk time” with kids during dinner – completed 2/4 weeks

Daily Goals:   **Remember I was behind in starting some of these and didn’t track for about the last week of the month, so this is what I got 😊

  • Check Kids’ Chores – 24/24 days
  • 1 Intentional Act of Love toward my husband – 20/20 days
  • Read Boundary & Affirmation Lists – 12/19 days
  • Identify 1 gratitude and 1 joy each day – 24/24 days
  • Stick to my evening routine – 14/24 days
  • Strength Exercises (my aim was for 3 times a week) – 10/25 days
  • Meditation – 15/19 days

So there you have it, my May goals and the progress I made on them. Progress, not perfection!

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To Celebrating ANY and ALL Progress!