Is Balance Really the Goal?



It’s an infamous word used a lot these days.

The goal of many people in the circles I run with.

I have sought balance so much in my life. I have strived and pushed, thinking that if I just found the right balance in my life everything would be go so much smoother. I regarded it as a worthy and virtuous objective.

I wanted to be the balanced Christian woman that I ought to be, do a little of this and a little of that. Have my hands in a little of everything. Plus, if God was on my side, surely He would help me achieve this noble thing called balance. It’s what I’m supposed to be right?

Recently, I started reading a book that has really challenged these ideas.

What if God doesn’t want me to be balanced? What if what He true wants is for me to fully follow Him, which means I will probably be very unbalanced in certain ways.

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