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Drop some Balls

This is a throwback to my high school days, 16 years old I think. Man I loved that hat, I bought it at FAO Schwartz


Grieving my Grandma

Today Mya and my mom (Nana) got to enjoy and celebrate the fruits of a project they have been working on for months. As I


You and I

For as long as I can remember I always thought of sin as bad. I hate the words “good” and “bad”. They are so extreme


Free to Go

May 15, 2014 I was free to go. I had been asking pretty much my entire stay how long I would be there. Finally the


Just Showing Up

I rode down the elevator and shuffled into the main lobby all the while policed by the nurse walking at my side. I was excited


Dear Mya,

Dear Mya, You came into this world 11 years ago. But you entered my world almost 12 years ago. The day I found out you