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Grieving my Grandma

Today Mya and my mom (Nana) got to enjoy and celebrate the fruits of a project they have been working on for months. As I


Gratitude Through Gritted Teeth

  Today I am putting a different spin on my gratitude to celebrate Thanksgiving. Normally I focus on all the wonderful things in my life


My Elijah Moment

For those of you who don’t know the prophet Elijah from the Old Testament, I will give you a little background. Elijah was a great

God Meets Us Right Where We Are

God Wants the Real Thing

Today I am excited to give you the first guest post on my blog. This article is from a new friend of mine, Cherrelle who

God Meets Us Right Where We Are

A Holy Hospital Stay Part 2

GOD MEETS US RIGHT WHERE WE ARE It was May 1, 2014. I went to my weekly therapy appointment totally desperate and despondent. I was